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mr_wright's Journal

Mr. Wright
LaTeX, TeX, Γ⊢♥, a cappella, a lot of cool, abstract algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, amusing coincidences, architect's leap, archiving, bacon conditioning, bad ideas, being happy, bounciness, bughouse, bzflag, c, carbon leaf, catch with massless people, category theory, cathedral of learning, catzite, classical music, climbing trees, cluster raving, cmu, cmubash, colour or country, complexity theory, computer science, computer vision, crazy moon language, crochet, croissants, cryptography, cryptology, ctfws, david ives, debian, defenestration, descriptive set theory, dimensionless constants, dirichlet-kornblum theorem, discrete math, do not lick, donald ervin knuth, douglas adams, downhill skiing, dvorak (the card game), dvořák, electronics, elevators, emacs, epsilon eridani, esoteric programming languages, experimental cooking, facilities management services, field theory, fork bomb, fractals, free food, free software, freethisschnizzle(), frobbing, frungy, functor, functor or category, game music, gnu, graphics, hacks, half price food, harry q. bovik, hrusa's classes, i lost, infinite games, interrupting cows, john conway, kgb, kgb buggy, kill doctor lucky, lacemaking, lemuring, linux, lockpicking, loreena mckennitt, magnetic tape, mao, mark stehlik, math, math jokes, mathcamp, mathochism, mcsp, mechanical computation, microcontrollers, montreal, moxy früvous, mystery hunt, neodymium magnets, nonsense, not identifying, obfuscated c, old video games, opengl, panther hollow bridge, particle systems, places that don't exist, plastic soda bottles, pravda?, precursor artifacts, projective geometry, puns, quines, rené magritte, rock climbing, ross anderson, rs485, salvador dalí, sarongs, sewing, simon and garfunkel, skipping 15451, sleep, snow, star control 2, steam tunnels, sunsets, symmetry, taking things apart, tatting, telephrenology, tex, the beatles, the zariski topology, thunderstorms, tmbg, topological crochet, topology, traversing the luminiferous aether, ultrafilters, ultrapowers, underground tour, vnv nation, wean, weh5328, what's a scheme?, xpilot, zephyr